My name's Matt, I reside in Michigan. My worst habit's waking up at least once day. 

Never Passing

It’s been awhile since I’ve had vision with this much clarity
I can finally see above the dark clouds of my disparity
The sun is shining gold directly into my iris’
Curing all of my mind’s various viruses
No need for my senses now, with third eye cracking open
This consciousness is gift that I will not let go unspoken
My connections to this universe are infinite and everlasting
Time is just a concept we invented, it’s never really passing
And recently, I’ve used my thought to perpetuate this state
I’m so far from divine but have never felt this great
For the first time in years, I’m actually excited to live
I’m not taking anything anymore, there’s too much to give
Really, I’m only at the introduction to my story
Which I admit has so far been writ very poorly
But now, I think it’s due time for a plot twist
Cause if I’m not progressing, then why even exist
By definition, my life is always and forever in growth
And the world’s too full of possibility to possibly loath
With letting go of all my worldly desire,
My heart and mind can no longer conspire
So now, I’ll just be drifting through time and space
Continuing my climb and catching up in this race
See, this place I’m currently at makes me very content
But things can always get better, and that’s how my future will be spent

Atomic Anomally

I used to view death with grave permanency 
As if the end is some type of emergency 
I get anxious thinking of how I’ll spend eternity 
And finding fear is easily done in such uncertainty
But now I realize that decay is life’s most sincere cycle
The renewal of life that has turned itself idle
For the spirit and mind, the body is not vital
Without such, they can surely exist
Until new vessel found, they metaphysically persist
What does not find new host becomes part of the flow
From the radiating sun beams to the crystallized snow
I see it as a sort of biological resurrection
Even if not recognizable by physical reflection
It’s our being’s transferring atomically
That creates this spiritual anomally
I believe this has happened, but I simply forgot
The capacity of one’s soul can hold a hell of a lot

I wrote this today and I think I’m going to present it tomorrow since I actually like it.  


Today, I cannot shrug off the feeling of impending doom
I only hope God’s got his message and it’s sending soon 
Cause each night spent alone with descending moon,
Gives me more time to explore my unending gloom
My thoughts often take full bloom,
As my mind occupies a cold tomb
It left my body, so long ago,
Along with memories stuck in the melted snow
And I saw my heart march right out my chest 
As I convinced myself he was an uninvited guest
But really, he was just unimpressed
By the loves and secrets left unconfessed
I’ve counted every single promise I’ve never kept
As I wonder how I could ever obtain some self respect 

Just address me as the sacrifice of sorrow
For I never again wish to see tomorrow
I’m tired of living through this carbon I only borrow
So strip my soul from these worn bones and marrow
Easily let’s loose to a vessel so broken and hallow
My Fate’s only getting harder and harder to swallow
My concern is all gone, so the wind’s path is what I follow
All I want is darkness so I can peacefully wallow
So I’ll eventually destroy the sun, murdered of Apollo
I’ll happily die in exchange for eternal slumber
Maybe amongst my dreams I can find something of wonder

I will forever seek the embrace of light Even if the search takes me through the night I am aware of my heart’s imperfection But I don’t know what else can give me direction Just trying to keep two feet on the path My test of will is the darknesses wrath And I’ve never been much a man of faith Until it showed me something new to chase Who knows, maybe the hardest part is just believing Though, maybe it can become as natural as breathing I know that everything has just begun It’ll be awhile ‘till the setting of my sun So maybe I should stop being in such a hurry My time will come, whether or not I worry I should at least try to enjoy the scenes of my journey I don’t think my heart’s flames will ever actually burn me with its flurry I’ve got a lot to see, and more so to travel I desire my heels to be cut from the gravel Down my road, I don’t know where it’ll take me But it all starts in the dark, with a light to awake thee ______________________ I really shouldn’t try to write happy anymore, I’m terrible at it.

I had to write these for my Creative Writing class. I never really tried or liked Haiku because of how simple and limited I saw it as. I had to do them on natural things. I’m not sure if they’re even good or bad, I can’t really judge them.

Dismisses the day
Heavenly beams radiate 
Seeker of the moon

Eternally lone 
Lands shine with a simple look
Slumbers in darkness

Forever Dancing
The coastline is her partner
Curling so fluent 

Always changing state
Above our heads, in our viens
Life’s true foundation 

Effortlessly weaves
The natural architects
Working day and night

Never tired enough to actually get comforting sleep
But enough to constantly live on top of anxietie’s peak 
Eyes of the weary are always just barely open
Kept up by the words the shadows have spoken
They come out at night, with senseless creep
They step on the floorboards without a creek 
I very rarely sense them, but they make me believe
In the uncertainty of realism in all which I perceive
They seem to always whisper through dreadful allusions
So I have to connect all the pieces of my broken delusions
Sometimes, I feel that my mind will never again be even
Atleast until I leave this world, I’m trying hard not to believe in

Deep in my heart, my loneliness has remained untouched
Any voice insisting on reminding me is quick to be hushed 
I hate to believe in much, for that belief is always crushed
I think that nothing acts with clarity except maybe the gust
But human being’s actions, those you just can’t afford to trust
So with this defense, my soul has begun to collect a bit of rust
Life isn’t always how the movies, shows and songs have discussed 
But then again, all the glitz and glam only seem to fill me with disgust
I used to insist that this was my longing for intimate love and lust 
But examining my problem, I realize that was only the upper crust
At the core of my psyche, it’s something that I find far more just
Loneliness opposite is not love, but true friendship
But when I get upset at others, I tend to end shit
So my isolation is somewhat to be expected
I’ve never been one to be socially connected
I don’t know if this problem can really be corrected 
But I don’t want to be alone, tired and self dissected 
And talking freaks me out, run by my fear of being rejected
That’s the worst part, so all of these thoughts will stay neglected

The Fizzle

The drizzle of rain
Brings fizzle to pain
The liquid sovereignty
Is a benevolent oddity
I watched the land become covered
As I did, I thought of all the time suffered
All the curses to myself I have muttered
I stepped out, and let my hair drip a few solitary beads
Watched them fall to the dirt, to quench the thirst of seeds
Acknowledged that rain was a product of other being’s needs
I wondered, what would the drops do if they could as they please
Would they still wet the warped spines of twisted and empty trees?
There is a calming clarity in the form of a whispering, chilled breeze
So I stood, with precipitations drum line circling all around me
And thought, the rain is anything but depressing and lousy  


I’m always trying to see my mind’s manipulation
For the perspective I’m given, isn’t the reality taken
One’s own perception is just many waves and vibrations
But memories aren’t perfect so they go through altercations 
I desire to see all the difference when my real being awakens 
See, the memory can become as warped as wet wood
Saturated with falsities so you think of your past as good
You think the past’s passed, but you’re still where you once stood
Because people do anything to change even though they never could
You’re just a product of chronologic memory of all you think you were
It’s funny you say that life’s so confusing, because your being is a blur 

I paint scenery that I’ve never really seen
Just collections of imagery that I find keen 
Sometimes I wonder what the altercations mean
Subconscious repairing of where change need felt
To one’s personal perception, reality often will melt
But this is, it simply put it, the sympathy of the mind
A way to cope with a world that lacks rhythm and rhyme 
A warped view holds no clue to the darkness it could find 
A primitive being that’s lived deep in our DNA for all of time 
The desire for humanity led the invention of man made distraction
The first of which, counter violent tendencies with sexual attraction
Next, time to drain the depth, so everyone’s blind and always laughing
Then feed them ignorance, surprisingly that gives them some satisifaction
I don’t know if I’m perceptive or insane for actually thinking this is happening
I mean, is it just me or are we living in a time of fire?
Like everything’s burning up, we’re down to the last wire
The smoke fills all our lungs but we’re no longer getting higher
Cause all along the dark vessel invented was the original desire
These old ego maniacs really believed they could tame the inner beast
When really you must only accept it, victory or defeat, for inner peace
They’ve broken the barrier of instinct and consciousness with naive belief
Now the battle between man and beast, nature and industry, will never cease

 This was my first attempt writing in a minute, and I get waaay off subject. Way too easily. But hey. 

Life After Life

When I die, I don’t want to nor expect to be going to heaven.

Even if I did, I’d give my spot to another man and bless him.

Because when I’m dead, I’m staying on Earth but not resting.

Take all the carbon my being’s got left and start investing.

Because I can progress life, even if my life is not progressing.

And to me, it sounds boring lounging around in death’s paradise.

A utopia for your soul? That’s obviously meant to entice.

But forced to an infinite silence, giving the living no advice?

I’ll choose to aid the Earth, while people rush to meet Christ.

If you’re intentions are truly good, giving your life alone should suffice.

So when I die, I don’t want any coffin for my corpse.

Just plant a tree above me and let it sap my remaining life force.

And my soul will blend happily, knowing that death is life’s energy source.